The rapporteur of the European Parliament for Serbia Vladimir Bilčík stated that Serbia, according to him, will be faced with important and strategic decisions in the weeks and months to come, as well as that those decisions will reflect on the role that the new parliament ought to take regarding membership in the European Union.

The European Parliament, he added, will be “at the forefront of those efforts”, among other things, through inter-party dialogue and the civil assemblies which they are beginning to work on in Serbia.

He added that he was sorry that there were no results of the parliamentary elections yet, but he emphasized that he believed that the parliament in Belgrade would be determined if it wished to make progress in the field of integration into the European Union.

“They will need to have a majority for legislative changes,” said Bilčík, emphasizing that he believed that the parliament and the government would be operational by this fall, when he is due to visit Belgrade.

“The fact that we do not yet know who will be appointing the government is healthy for any democratic society,” assessed Bilčík, adding that the opposition must have an important role, as well as time and space to clearly state what it is that they want.