The Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić stated that the world is standing on the brink of a third world war, and that in the current situation it is important for Serbia to be brave, but also independent and wise when making difficult decisions.

“We are standing on the brink of a third world war and we are in a difficult situation, but we are trying to preserve the position of independent and self-reliant decision-making, which is incredibly difficult, but which also the smartest, best, bravest and wisest,” said Brnabić to RTS.

According to her, today’s Serbia deserves special consideration from the European Union and the United States, but also from the Near East, China and the Russian Federation.

“It is a position of difficulty for a territorially and numerically small country such as Serbia, but it was fought with brave and wise policy,” said the Prime Minister of Serbia.

Commenting on yesterday’s festivities and the Vidovdan decorations ceremony, Brnabić said that it was important to commemorate difficult, but also beautiful moments in history and that doing so carries a message, both for Serbia and those who look at Serbia and into Serbia.

“The most important message that we heard in the speech of the President of the Republic is that if we are considering today whether to choose bravery or wisdom, in this moment it is truly important that we be brave, but to choose wisdom for difficult decisions,” said the Prime Minister.

According to her, even though the government is in a technical mandate, she continues to carry out her duties and do everything that is important for the lives of citizens. In addition, the government is passing action plans, preparing laws, and aligning the Serbian legislation with the European.