Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday he had had good and useful conversations with Montenegrin PM Dritan Abazovic on various issues and noted that he believed Serbia and Montenegro would build major progress in their future relations.

Speaking to reporters after hosting a lunch for the Montenegrin PM at Vila Bokeljka, Vucic said Abazovic was welcome in Belgrade and that his visit was the beginning of successful cooperation.

“We talked about our political and bilateral ties, economic cooperation, investments. We talked about agriculture, food supplies, energy balances and ways to help each other in the autumn and during next winter,” Vucic said.

He said they had also discussed significant political issues.

“It seems to me that we also managed to solve in a concrete manner some major political issues that we discussed today and that used to separate us,” Vucic said.

Thanking Abazovic for the visit to Belgrade, Vucic said it could lead to even better and more concrete cooperation in the future.

“I believe we will build major progress in our relations,” Vucic said.