The Serbian Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik stated that there is not a single legal avenue for British military experts to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina, but such is the manner of an old colonial force that has never knocked on the door of its colonies, which is evidently how they see Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dodik pointed out that establishing the center for the so-called cyber security is different name for  establishing a British intelligence station.

“Apart from the illegal High Representative, Bosnia and Herzegovina will also get illegal so-called military experts, and all under the pretext of the alleged secessionism and the so-called malignant Russian influence,” said Dodik for Srna, asked to comment on the United Kingdom’s announcement that it would be sending military experts to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to Dodik, secessionism is a British issue, but in Scotland instead of in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they would do well to deal with it on their own territory.

“They want to cure their centuries-long frustration with the Russians via Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has been a playground, a training ground and a resume-filler for nearly everybody. Nothing new from the British, they had already sent their units here before the last election. I suppose they assessed that their PDP candidates would have better odds that way,” said Dodik.

The United Kingdom announced today that it would be sending military experts into Bosnia and Herzegovina to combat Russian influence, strengthen the NATO Mission, and advance stability and security in the country.