The Special Representative of the European Union for Dialogue Between Belgrade and Priština, Miroslav Lajčák, said that Priština’s decision yesterday has changed both the topics and the plans for his visit.

He did not wish to comment on the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić’s statement that Priština was planning a new Operation “Storm” in the north of Kosovo.

“We had a very serious conversation last night about this situation, and it is certainly necessary that we seek solutions through dialogue, instead of confrontation,” said Lajčák to journalists.

He said that there was a new situation now, which has changed both his plans and his topics.

“I arrived to the region to prepare for the next meeting with the leaders and to talk about progress and normalizing the relations, and now we have to resolve this situation. We must not allow a crisis to break out,” he stated.

Lajčák is meeting with the representatives of the opposition in the EU Delegation’s building. The Party of Freedom and Justice, the People’s Party, the coalition “We Must”, the Democratic Party and the Free Citizens’ Movement are invited to the meeting.

“It is certainly important to me to hear their opinion and their positions,” said Lajčák to journalists prior to the meeting.

Before his visit to Belgrade, Lajčák spent time in Priština. During his first visit to the north of Kosovo, he had also met with the representatives of Serbs and the Serbian List.