Nikola Nedeljković, who was arrested at the Gazimestan two days ago, on Vidovdan, was remanded to custody for 30 days, his defender Jovana Filipović communicated to RTS.

The arrested 20-year-old from Belgrade is being charged with allegedly chanting “Kill, kill a Shqiptar” based on an eyewitness statement — from the police officer who arrested him at the end of the Vidovdan celebration at the Gazimestan. The police announcement from the day of his arrest stated that Nedeljković was being suspected with “inciting hate and intolerance”.

Attorney Jovana Filipović announced a complaint within the legal deadline, claiming that there was no evidence for Nedeljković’s arrest. Nikola Nedeljković will be held in custody at the jail in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Filipović said that the parents of the arrested Nikola have also arrived at the Palace of Justice in Priština, hoping that he would be released.

Police Questioned Branko Antić for Several Hours

On the same grounds, allegedly endangering the legal order and inciting hate, the police arrested Branko Antić, president of the organization “Serbian Solidarity”, at the Jarinje checkpoint and questioned him for several hours.

He was questioned at the police station in the southern part of Mitrovica, and released after.

Antić was suspected of “breaking the legal order” because he was singing Serbian songs, which was allegedly “spreading hate”.