After the latest scandalous decision by Priština to ban Serbian ID documents and licence plates, there is no further dilemma the West is prepared to light a new “fuse” of conflict in Kosovo and Metohija, all in order to force Serbia to give up a piece of its territory, turn its back on Russia and join the sanctions.

In addition to all of that, the issue of Kosovo and Metohija has become the “gold token” in the fight for supremacy between the global players on opposing sides in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, because the Western centers of power wish to put an end on the independence of the false state. In doing so, they want, as the President Aleksandar Vučić himself said, to “tie Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin’s hands” so that he cannot “create a few new Kosovos” in the future. All of that further complicates the already complicated position of our country, which has found itself in the centrifuge of this political game of chicken.

On the occasion of the dangerous plan of the Prime Minister of the Provisional Institutions Albin Kurti to begin a comprehensive attack against the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija starting on September 30, Vučić uncovered that behind the whole thing are the countries of The Quint — the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and France — who provide support to Kurti. Vučić has openly accused them of causing one crisis after another in the region, because they see that we are doing everything in our power to preserve peace and economy, and then they pressure us to the limit, reported Novosti.

The Serbian president also had a clear message for all those who thought that they could forcibly push Serbs out of Kosovo and Metohija and force our country to work against its own best interests. Serbia will not be taking any military action, but it will have a rational, lethal and truthful political response.

The number of countries which do not regard Kosovo as one could increase shortly, seeing as Vučić revealed that, apart from the notes from four new countries that are willing to rescind their recognition, a fifth note had arrived to Belgrade, that is, that another country is prepared to do the same.

By the way, the sponsors of the independence of Kosovo, outside of all international agreements and rules, have been arming the false state for years, trying to build it an army, which in the newly created circumstances many people see as yet another sign that Kurti is seriously preparing for a new strike against the Serbs in the fall.

In an attempt to cover up this dangerous strategy, Priština yesterday deployed the tried-and-true recipe of trying to pass the ball of responsibility for peace and stability in the province on to Belgrade.

So the President of the Oversight Board of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency, Ganimete Musliu, accused Serbia of “making efforts through its structures to increase the readiness of the local Serbs to escalate the situation”.

Dragan Đilas from the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), Dobrica Veselinović from the Let’s Not Drown Belgrade Movement, Zoran Lutovac from the Democratic Party (DS), Đorđe Miketić from the Ecological Uprising, and Stefan Jovanović from the People’s Party have attended the meeting with Miroslav Lajčák in the EU Delegation’s building. The dialogue between Belgrade and Priština and the European integration were among the main topics. After the meeting, Đilas stated that regarding Kurti’s latest unilateral decisions, he said that it was most important to avoid any conflict which may arise because of such an irresponsible policy of the Priština authorities, and to prevent any chance of violence towards our citizens, reported Novosti.