Abacus Media Rights with the Amcomri Entertainment Company has launched a brand new, premium drama series Robin Hood, created by Jonathan English with John Glenn as showrunner, and Tanjug received confirmation from the show’s production office that Robin Hood would be shot at the PFI Studios in Belgrade and on location across Serbia.

The series will be produced by English/Glenn Media and Balkanic Media, and the filming of the television program will be financed by Head Gear run by Phil Hunt, with the support of the Serbian incentives program run by the Ministry of Culture of Serbia.

This authentic and exciting drama series with ten 60-minute episodes will portray the most realistic version of Robin Hood yet, set against a backdrop of a cruel, corrupt and mysterious medieval land.

Robin was born around 100 years after Anglo-Saxon England was conquered by the Normans, who brought with them Christianity, stone castles and taxes.

It was a mythical period in history when England was covered in forest and old Pagan beliefs were slayed by the force of the Norman sword.

In this extremely dark and highly dangerous point in history, the enigmatic Robin and his savage outlaws were the medieval avengers in a battle against oppression.

Jonathan Ford, the General Director of Abacus Media Rights, pointed out that people around the world have heard of Robin Hood.

“There have been many, highly successful iterations of the English hero of folklore yet none has recreated the ruthless, tyrannical atmosphere of the time. This is a universal story of survival, conflict and love with spectacular action sequences set to strongly appeal to global audiences,” said Ford.

Jonathan English, the creator of the series, emphasized his desire to show the world who the real Robin Hood was.

“I researched the original ballads and justiciar records that still exist from the 12th and 13th Century. They reveal a far more gripping and dangerous figure, a Robin that is gritty, authentic and deeply rooted in history. This is the Vikings or Peaky Blinders version of Robin Hood.”

John Glenn added that this was a version of Robin Hood that he had seen before.

“Historically accurate, full of characters rich and complex, timely themes, and loaded with action and intrigue. There are no damsels in distress, no men in tights, it frankly reads more like Peaky Blinders than any Robin Hood I’d ever seen,” said Glenn.