Serbian member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik said yesterday on Mount Kozara that the past century was the century of Serbian suffering, and that this century should be the century of Serbian unification.

Dodik has pointed out that Republika Srpska should get prepared for a decisive decision in the political process because BiH, as he pointed out, is not good for either Srpska or Serbs.

“It is preventing us from being free, from being able to breathe fully. Muslims want to keep BiH, this is their definitive goal. The world has changed and will enter a new constellation, and we should remain united, safe, connected, and strong”, Dodik said at a ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Kozara.

He has pointed out that Serbs are the nation that suffered much, that lost more than half of its population in the past century.

“This should be a century of Serbian unification – state and national. Whether this generation will succeed or not is not important, but it is important that those who will come have it in their heads, not only as an idea but as a goal”, said Dodik.

Dodik said that Srpska can be safe today, adding that Serbia is stable and strong, which is important for Srpska as well, which fights visible and invisible enemies every day.

“Every day is a struggle and we are exposed to pressure, but it is easier for us when we know that Serbia is there. My role as a leading official is to ensure peace and stability”, said Dodik.

Dodik says he is sure that strong Republika Srpska is entering years when it will be offered to decide for itself on how to move on.

“We will go together and we must not do otherwise. As for roads in politics, they do not exist, they are built by walking. We have to build our togetherness”, said Dodik.

Dodik called on people to go to the polls, maintain the strong structure of the Republika Srpska government and make a decision on the future.

“Republika Srpska – the state of the Serbian people, connected to Serbia”, said Dodik.