Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said late on Sunday Pristina’s decision on Serbian vehicle licence plates and personal documents and the EU reaction that followed were “scandalous and disgraceful”, and noted that the situation was not about licence plates, but about “continued pressure, terror and constant harassment against Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija.”

“This is a decision by Pristina and a reaction by the EU that are scandalous, and (EU spokesperson Peter) Stano said things that are Brussels’s official reaction to this. That is horrible,” Brnabic said on a Pink TV talk show, commenting on Stano’s statement that, under agreements on freedom of movement reached in 2011 and 2016, Pristina had the right to successively abolish KM licence plates, issued by Serbian authorities.

“This is not about licence plates and anyone who thinks so is badly wrong,” she said.

“The essence is that the pressure on Kosovo-Metohija Serbs is continuing, that the terror and constant harassment against them is continuing, in a year that began with the right to vote being taken away from them, which was unthinkable before 2022.

It was the right to vote in a referendum in the field of rule of law – after guaranteeing that that will not happen again in the April 3 elections, the Quint states, and even the EU, were unable to do anything, so (Pristina’s PM Albin Kurti) was so strong to deny that fundamental right to the Serbs,” Brnabic said.