Serbian Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic said on Monday he expected a new parliament to be constituted by the end of July and a new government to be formed relatively soon afterwards.

When it comes to forming a new ruling coalition, the decision is up to the largest party – the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), which dictates the pace of talks and the conditions, Dacic said, adding that his Socialist Party of Serbia – a long-standing coalition partner of the SNS – was ready for the “possibility that there may be other solutions as well.”

“There is an interest to start forming all new authorities as soon as possible,” Dacic said in a statement to Tanjug.

Responding to a remark that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had announced that a new government would be formed by end-July, Dacic said Vucic had made that statement before repeat elections in Veliki Trnovac.

“I think it is practically impossible to form a government by the end of July as we will need at least seven more days to complete the election process. It is realistic to aim to constitute a parliament by the end of July,” Dacic said.

He said it was now up to the national election commission to work on completing the election process as the Socialists would not file a complaint over the election results in Veliki Trnovac even though they believed there had been irregularities again.