More than 30 members of the special units of the self-proclaimed Kosovo – “Rosu”, in full gear, raided into Štrpce early this morning with the aim of new intimidation and harassment of Serbs, and their target was the “Šarski odred” Elementary School ” in Brezovica, it was announced from the Office for Kosovo and Metohija.

“Rosu” special forces have been deployed in several locations and blocked the entire municipality of Štrpce. They also broke into the post office in the village of Drajkovce, and searched the building of the Provisional Authority, where they took all the documentation and computers.

The TV “Herc” building in Štrpce, the only one that broadcasts programs in the Serbian language, is also a target of “Rosu”. Special forces also climb the flags of the building of this media house, from where they remove surveillance cameras that have not been working for several years.

From the Office they stress that the “Rosu” special forces once again chose to invade Štrpce on a major religious holiday, given that today is the village’s Patron Saint Day – Ivanjdan and the fair, when a large number of locals gather, and they did the same during previous raids into this Serbian environment.

“Although the units from Priština know very well that the cameras, which were legally installed almost ten years ago, have not been in operation for a long time, and they checked this on several occasions in the previous days, this served as an excuse for them to invade Štrpce again, to harass the people who cannot function normally. What excuse do the “Rosu” special forces use to break into the Serbian elementary school in Štrpce?”, they ask from the Office for Kosovo and Metohija.

As they indicate, there is no doubt that it is another attack and pressure on the Serbs to leave their doorstep, because there is no valid reason for a new action by Rosu in this Serbian environment.