Serbian member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has said that the European Parliament and Westerners, who are talking about secession in BiH, contribute the most to it.

On the occasion of the adoption of a resolution on Bosnia and Herzegovina by the European Parliament, in which, among other things, international actors are urged to react to the “secessionist moves by the leadership of Republika Srpska”, Dodik told Srna that MEPs and others are deliberately saying that secession exists in order to make it easier for them to explain it to their people.

According to him, it is not about secession at all, but about returning BiH to the order provided by the Constitution, because if there is no such thing, there is no BiH.

“This is perfectly clear. Europe should reason in that way, but they all have other plans of their own. We will see,” Dodik pointed out.

He has said that the European Parliament is a chat room that has no special significance, stressing that the main decisions are made by the Council of EU leaders.

“The European Parliament is a chat room of frustrated people who try to gain some privileges through lobbying and then try to impose some of their views,” said Dodik.

As for BiH, Dodik said that everyone who is there or around it can see that it has collapsed and withered and that no infusion can help it revive.

The European Parliament adopted today a resolution on BiH which, among other things, emphasizes that the pace of EU accession is determined by the implementation of reforms aimed at guaranteeing the proper functioning of democratic institutions, based on the rule of law, good governance, and basic rights.