Serbia remains consistent in its policy of military neutrality, in spite of the international circumstances and the war in Ukraine, and expects the full understanding of the NATO and its members, as before, said the President of the Serbian Parliament Ivica Dačić.

Serbia can only protect its foremost interests, which is the stability of our country and further economic prosperity, if it is militarily neutral, in particular in the circumstances where the military tensions in Europe are rising. If we are being expected to take any side, you can always expect that we will choose Serbia, emphasized Dačić.

Speaking on the conference “The Position of Serbia in the Euro-Atlantic Community”, Dačić said that he did not want to beat around the bush because the position of Serbia regarding the war in Ukraine is crystal clear, has been since day one, and remains unchanged.

He stated that this position is based on respecting the principles of the international law, which Serbia firmly upholds, no matter how little those principles are valued these days.

Dačić said that Serbia had no other choice, because it has a foothold in the international law for its own open issues of the utmost state and national significance, which is the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, and will not be stepping away from it.

“If we seek to have that principle respected in our case, then we cannot trample it in other cases,” pointed out Dačić.

He reminded that Serbia recognizes the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and that this position has remained unchanged in the eight years since the crisis in that country began, as well as that it insists on respecting that principle when it comes to Kosovo and Metohija, which is a part of Serbia.

Dačić said that Serbia has been fighting against the recognition of the self-proclaimed Kosovo for 14 years, as it is deeply convinced that this recognition has not only impeached the sovereignty of Serbia, but also toppled one of the fundamental pillars of preserving peace and stability in the world.