Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday some MEPs had attempted to secure a decision to break off Serbia’s EU accession talks.

“We are glad such a decision was not passed because it would have been wrong if it had been passed. I thank the majority of MEPs that did not vote for that,” Vucic told reporters in Ivanjica, western Serbia, in response to a remark that Green Party MEPs had submitted an amendment to a resolution on Serbia in order to make Belgrade’s alignment with the EU sanctions on Russia a condition for progress in the EU accession talks, rather than for their continuation.

Everyone should do their job, Vucic said.

“If they think we should beg someone for something – we will not do that. They should do their job and we will do ours. We have our own interests – it is important for Serbia to be on the EU path as well as to have its freedom and consider its vital national interests,” Vucic said.

Those who do not understand Serbia’s specific position wish no good to either Serbia or the EU, Vucic said.

By an overwhelming majority, the European Parliament passed on Wednesday a resolution on Serbia that expresses support for its future EU membership but calls for urgent alignment with the EU sanctions against Russia and Belarus as a condition for the country’s further progress on the European integration path.