Serbia’s Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin has said that the European Parliament would need collective therapy if hypocrisy was a disease, and that Serbia will neither be a part of the anti-Russian hysteria nor recognize the self-declared Kosovo.

On the occasion of today’s adoption of the resolution on Serbia in the European Parliament, Vulin says that for imposing sanctions on Russia, the EU is offering Belgrade “as a reward” to recognize the self-declared Kosovo.

“Surely there is someone in the European Parliament who believes that Serbia would accept it, but such a mind has not yet been medically documented. Hypocrisy is not a disease, but if it was, the European Parliament would need collective therapy,” Vulin cited in a written statement.

Vulin points out that Serbia, as long as it is headed by Aleksandar Vučić, will be a state and will not become part of the anti-Russian hysteria, just as it will not recognize the self-declared Kosovo.

“Even if we fulfill every requirement the EU hypocrites are asking from us, can anyone guarantee us it would be the end of blackmailing, can anyone guarantee us that the next requirement will not be the annulment of Republika Srpska or how long will we wait before we are asked to put the lives of Serbian soldiers on the altar of European values in the fight against Russia,” asks Vulin.

Members of the European Parliament adopted a resolution earlier today reading that Serbia’s progress towards the EU will directly depend on strengthening the rule of law and harmonization with European foreign and security policy, which includes the imposition of sanctions on Russia, and that Serbia is expected to sign a legally binding agreement on normalization of relations with self-dclared Kosovo “based on mutual recognition”.