The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nikola Selaković said to RTS that for 140 days now that the war in Ukraine has been ongoing, Serbia has successfully resisted pressure and preserved its policy, its position, and its sovereign approach to the choice of the path that it wishes to take. He emphasized that the situation is “incredibly difficult” and that the pressure Serbia is faced with is “incredibly intense”.

Almost four and a half months since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Serbia is still in the same position — it condemns the Russian aggression, but it also remains the only country in Europe which has not imposed sanctions on Moscow.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković said to RTS that the war in Ukraine has divided Europe and the world.

“The situation is incredibly difficult and the pressure we are being put under is incredibly intense,” pointed out Selaković.

He said that not only high-ranking officials and diplomatic representatives, but everybody, down to the level of a mere secretary in the embassies, is trying to apply pressure and interfere with the choice of the Serbian position.

“Our position is extremely clear and principled — we have taken the point of view of respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine as an internationally recognized state and a member of the United Nations, while on the other hand we have condemned what is an armed approach to seeking a solution. We affirm and constantly advocate for dialogue and negotiations,” explained Selaković.

He emphasized that it is always better to converse for a 100 years than to wage war for a day.

“We have not imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation, and if I may speak from my personal experience, President Vučić is under the greatest amount of pressure, not just as somebody who is a leader in Serbia and a sovereign leader in this part of Europe, but also as somebody who is a completely legitimate holder of power,” said Selaković.

He pointed out that Serbia has no problem with remaining on the European course, and that it will without a doubt maintain the reformational course of movement in the country and the society.

“It sometimes seems to me that we know our European path far better than Europe knows our European path, but that is a matter of their internal relations. Leave everyone to their job, and we will do our own. Our path is without a doubt European, but also one of preserving our friendships and our state and national interests,” emphasized Selaković.