The Muslim forces led by Naser Orić committed horrendous crimes against Serbs in the Srebrenica villages of Sase and Zalazje and the Bratunac villages of Biljača and Zagoni, but unfortunately, nobody has been held responsible for that yet, the director of the Republic of Srpska Center for Research of War, War Crimes and Search for Missing Persons Milorad Kojić said to Srna today.

Kojić said that it was a fact that 80% of the total number of fatalities were killed in the period between April 1992 and January 1993.

“It is evident that the Hague Tribunal and the Bosnia and Herzegovina judiciary did not wish to prosecute the persons who had committed horrific crimes, or even worse, they let certain individuals walk free, including Orić,” said Kojić.

He pointed out that the international community plays a significant role in all of this, seeing as they are trying to misrepresent the events of July 1995.

“Ignoring the crimes committed against Serbs does not contribute to the process of reconciliation among the peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this behavior is reprehensible,” added Kojić.