The Prime Minister of Republika Srpska, Radovan Višković, has said on Monday that the information about the American-British plan for the abolition of Republika Srpska should not be of a concern, and he called on international and domestic factors to preserve the Dayton BiH and not create a new hotbed and conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina all over again.

Višković assessed that the USA and Great Britain would like for Republika Srpska to disappear, if possible, because they believed that this would solve some problems, but that would not happen. “Gentlemen, this only creates even bigger problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Višković pointed out.

He said that the information about the abolition of Republika Srpska was nothing new, that they had been doing it for 30 years, and that it was not something that should worry, but he thinks that this should wake up the naive and certain people in Republika Srpska who think that the things presented by the SNSD and the Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, are not correct.

According to him, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a creation of Dayton, something that is common to all people who live in it, and any disruption of those relations does not benefit anyone.

Unfortunately, he added, both the USA and Great Britain, those from outside and some political forces, especially from another entity, from Sarajevo, who swear by BiH, do bad things for BiH with their actions and intentions, but that he cannot say that this was how ordinary citizens think.

“Gentlemen, you are not right. What you are doing, what you have the intention and desire, is bad for Bosnia and Herzegovina and for all citizens living in BiH. Quit such business and actions. If you really mean what you say, then do everything to preserve the Dayton organized BiH,” Višković pointed out.

Višković stressed that the legally elected representatives of the government in Bosnia and Herzegovina were able to take care of the future, that they had the knowledge, will and resources. “Don’t make this space a new hot spot. Don’t create conflicts again,” Višković said.

The ATV portal announced, referring to its findings, that the increased British presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina had already resulted in plans for the abolition of Republika Srpska and the dismissal of its officials.

The same source stated that the plan was the result of a meeting of British and American operatives who tailored a strategy in several points, and that the meeting was held in Camp Butmir – Sarajevo.