President of the United Srpska Nenad Stevandić has said that photographs of Serbian victims that were put up along the Bratunac-Potočari road were a signpost to the cemetery and a message to the international community, which bypasses this city, so that they can see that three generations of Serbs were killed here.

Stevandić emphasized that discrimination against Serbian victims should stop in Bosnia and Herzegovina and added that all the victims of the past war must be treated equally because this is the path to reconciliation and a joint future.

“Grandchildren, mothers, and children were also killed, which has been belittled by the world public, especially in BiH, because the Serbian victims are considered less worthy,” Stevandić told SRNA after the ministers, MPs, representatives of the local committee of this party and families of the victims laid flowers in the Memorial Room and at the cemetery in Bratunac, where Serbian victims of the past patriotic-defense war in BiH are buried.

He has emphasized that, while paying his respects to the Bosniak, Croatian, and all other victims, he wants to say that the Serbian victims are equal and that without that there is no reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Those who want to pave the way to the future must respect all the victims because the fact is that the international community constantly bypasses the Serbian victims,” he said.

Family members of fallen soldiers of the Republika Srpska Army and civilian victims of the war put up photos of 3,267 Serbian civilians and soldiers from Middle Podrinje along the Bratunac-Potočari regional road who were killed in the past war, with the aim of showing international officials that Serbs also died in that area and that many crimes were committed against them for which no one was held accountable.