At the cemeteries in Bratunac and the villages of Biljača and Sase, tributes were paid on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the death of 69 Serbian civilians and soldiers who had been killed by the Muslim forces in Srebrenica under the command of Naser Orić.

In continuation of the systemically planned ethnic cleansing of Serbian areas that had begun in April, strong Muslim forces from Srebrenica under the command of Naser Orić raided several Serbian villages in the municipalities of Srebrenica and Bratunac on July 12, 1992, killing, looting and burning everything in their path.

69 persons were killed in close combat on that day, many more were wounded, and 22 went missing and were captured.

The remains of ten of the missing Serbs were accidentally discovered and exhumed from a mass grave in Zalazje on June 10, 2011, during a search for Bosniak victims. The other ten of the missing Serbs have not been found yet after they disappeared without a trace from the detention camp in a former police station in Srebrenica.

Nobody has been held responsible yet for these crimes, as well as many other mass crimes committed against Serbs from Srebrenica and Middle Podrinje.