The engagement of the head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Johann Sattler, has been reduced to taking sides and revising history which does not contribute to the reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), said Snježana Novaković-Bursać, the head of the SNSD Caucus in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly.

Bursać says the statements and actions by some representatives of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina are incomprehensible and incompatible with the good intents, by which they allegedly seek to contribute to reconciliation and understanding while doing the opposite, as Sattler did on his blog over the commemoration in Srebrenica.

It is fascinating, she says, how Sattler, during his engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, first neglected and then absolutely forgot the goals and values which the EU values rest on.

“It is disappointing that EU values ​​such as the promotion of peace, freedom, security, justice, solidarity, respect for cultural and linguistic differences have no place in his engagement in BiH, which was reduced to siding with and revising history. Hopefully he will remember them and finally apply in his work in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, stressed Bursać.

Crime and criminals, as she emphasized, must be adequately punished without hesitation, the victims must be remembered with dignity, while reconciliation, which has no alternative, must be built on establishing and accepting the truth.

“There is no room in that process for double messages and standards, superficial peacemakers, especially not for bad diplomats and politicians,” stressed Bursać.

She adds that history should be a teacher, not a jailer of life, and that as a science it must be concerned with establishing and systematizing facts, analyzing and concluding.

Sattler wrote in a text on the blog of the EU ambassador to BiH on the occasion of the commemoration in Srebrenica that “words such as reconciliation sound empty or even insulting to the victims”.