Christian Schmidt has no basis nor right to get involved in education, which is under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Srpska, as it was decisively written in the Dayton Peace Agreement, stated the Chairman of the Republic of Srpska Pedagogical Institute Predrag Damjanović.

Damjanović said that he was certain that Schmidt himself, who had said that he would be getting involved in the history curriculums in the Republic of Srpska and the Muslim-Croatian federation (the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), was aware that there is nothing he can do in that regard, and that he had made such a statement to appeal to the side which wanted to hear something like that.

He reminded that there had been certain initiatives around twenty years ago to not teach the events from the 1990s.

“For a whole decade, Srpska had avoided teaching those topics, while, for example, in the Muslim-Croatian federation in Bosnia they had been taught right afterwards, with the Serbian people being characterized in the darkest and worst ways. We waited, and once we had seen what was happening, we started to create curriculums for elementary and high schools with the aim to teach our children about what happened, without qualifying any of the events. That is up to the historians,” said Damjanović for Glas Srpske.

The goal, he added, is for children to receive information about the breakdown of the former country, about the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as about the creation of the Republic of Srpska, significant dates, and its post-Dayton development.

“That is our goal, and the problem of others who are dissatisfied with it is that they want to teach something else at any cost,” pointed out Damjanović.

Numerous officials of the Republic of Srpska have condemned Schmidt’s announcement that he would be getting involved in the history curriculums in the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, adding that, among other things, he found it problematic that Serbian children in Srpska, but also children of different ethnicities, were being taught different history curriculums.