Mostar no longer has streets named after Ustasha criminals, after the City Council passed a Decision changing the names of six disputed streets.

According to the new decision, the Mile Budak Street will bear its original name, Šantićeva Street. Vokića i Lorković Street is going to be renamed to Tin Ujević Street. Rafael Boban Street will be Friar LJudevit Lasta Street. By erasing the name of Đuro Spužević, the famous Mostar cartoonist Ismet Ico Voljević gets his own street.

The former Jure Francetić Street will be renamed Humska, and Iva Zelenika Tabornik Street, one-way street in Zahum, will be called Ciglana.

Explaining the decision, Mostar Mayor, Mario Kordić, said how disappointed he was with the manner in which this topic was supposed to be managed politically in a negative direction and that the lynching of certain people who wanted only good for the city was unacceptable.

“I claim we have done a good job and shown that we have the courage to make such decisions. All those who are bothered by this are malicious. We have more difficult decisions to make, but we have the courage, wisdom and brain,” said Marić.

Deputy Speaker of the City Council and Head of the Serb People Caucus Velibor Milivojević says this is a great day for Mostar and BiH, which sends a great message that they are ready and that they have made a deviation from certain policies to move forward.

Marić says that certain politicians and public figures deliberately put “targets on the foreheads” of the commission members, as well as that Bosniak politicians, who use this issue to call out the SDA, did nothing during their term to improve the situation for the better.

The head of the Croat People Caucus, Vlatko Marinović, says this removes the stigma from the name of the city, which it carried for many years, being repeatedly called “a case city”.