The President of Republika Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, stated that foreigners in Bosnia and Herzegovina incited conflicts by taking one side, both politically and in any other way.

“They persistently do it. We are even brought to a situation where here in Srpska they sanction people because they allegedly violate the Dayton Agreement, and on the other hand you have Bosniak politicians who do everything beyond what Dayton said”, Cvijanović told Euroblitz.

She pointed out that foreigners turned a blind eye to it and simply ignored such occurencies.

“In Republika Srpska, whenever and whatever you say, someone will say, “these are separatists”. I have been reiterating that we are not separatists or secessionists. We are people who want consistent enforcement of the Dayton and the Constitution that clearly regulate who has the jurisdiction over certain things within this country”, said Cvijanović.

She indicated that it was very tragic that international officials showed respect for the victims of one nation while minimizing or completely ignoring the victims of the Serb people.

“It is unequal treatment. I believe that things would look much different today if the approach of the international factor here had been different”, stated Cvijanović.

Commenting on Christian Schmidt’s announcement that he will be involved in history curricula in BiH, Cvijanović said that anything related to curricula was the responsibility of the line ministries and institutions of Srpska.

She stated that she did not deal with speculations that Christian Schmidt could ban her and SNSD leader Milorad Dodik from participating in the elections.

“I am the SNSD candidate for the Serb member of the Presidency and I am not interested in any Schmidt, nor anyone in Sarajevo who calls for such a thing because the situation is already sick enough and it should not be made even sicker”, Cvijanović said.

She points out that it is not dominant at all, nor does it matter to her if it pleases some foreigner.

“I work in the interest of the citizens and I expect them to understand what my political concept is”, Cvijanović concluded.