Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić, said that banning Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić from laying flowers in Jasenovac was anti-European and anti-civilization decision of Zagreb and the biggest scandal in the modern history of relations between Serbia and Croatia.

Brnabić stated that the ban on a private visit to the place where the Ustasha regime had killed hundreds of thousands of Serbs and where there had been a camp for children was more than a first class scandal.

“It’s like forbidding the president of Israel to visit Auschwitz”, said Brnabić and pointed out that for decades in Croatia, the relativization of the terrible crime that had happened in Jasenovac had been on the scene.

She stated that, as the current prime minister of Serbia, she was thinking about reciprocity measures, and announced that she would consult on it.

The Minister for Internal Affairs of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin, announced that from today all Croatian officials will be placed under a special control regime, and holders of official or diplomatic passports will have to separately announce and justify their visit or passage through Serbia.

Vulin, commenting on the Croatian Government’s decision to ban Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić from visiting Jasenovac, said that this would stand as long as he was the Minister of Police of Serbia or until Croatia started acting as if it was not NDH (Croatian fascist state from the WW2), the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia announced.