A cartoon strip “Jasenovac Dark Side of Darkness” by Slobodan Borjanović was presented this evening at the Gradiška Cultural Center by which the author wanted to show the Golgotha of the Serbian people in the Ustasha concentration camp.

Borjanović covered the period from the Kozara offensive to the breakthrough of the Jasenovac concentration camp, in which one of the key roles is played by the main character of the cartoon strip, Mile Ristić from the Gradiška village of Miljevići.

His Grace Bishop of Pakrac and Slavonia Jovan also attended the presentation of the cartoon strip. He said that many forgot that Serbs were victims but also victors of the Second World War and that it is up to them to write about their sufferings and victories.

The author said that he worked on the cartoon strip for about two years, and his desire was to revive the memory of the Golgotha of the Serbian people through black and white drawings and historical facts, without extenuating the terrible crimes committed by the Ustashas, especially in the Jasenovac concentration camp.