The president of SUBNOR of Republika Srpska, Slobodan Šobić, has said that Croatia must face war past of the Independent State of Croatia /NDH/, adding that the decision of the Croatian authorities to ban Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić from visiting Jasenovac does not contribute to reconciliation between peoples and good unneighborly relations between the two countries.

 “Croatia must face the NDH’s war past and the war past of the 1990s in the area of former Yugoslavia, in order for us to be able to build completely new friendly relations between peoples and countries in the region,” Šobić told Srna.

Šobić says that Croatia cannot in any way ignore and cover up facts from the Second World War when the Ustasha government of the NDH committed terrible crimes and genocide against the Serbian people and other peoples in this area.

“No one can hide and erase the system of the Ustasha concentration camps Jasenovac, Stara Gradiška, Jadovno and Pag, as well as other killing grounds for Serbs in Jastrebarsko, Sisak, Prebilovci, Garavice, Šušnjar from the memory of the benevolent freedom-loving world and anti-fascists,” said Šobić.

Šobić concluded that war crimes committed against Serbs in the Croatian military-police operations “Flash” and “Storm” in Krajina in 1995 cannot be erased from the memory of the Serbian people and other peoples.

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić planned to visit Jasenovac and Pakrac yesterday, but the Croatian authorities banned him from entering the country.