“Disappointed and upset,” was the explanation that the former Ambassador of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in Kosovo* and longtime supporter of the “Self-Determination” movement William Walker gave to the Albanian Post, when asked what he thought about the government of Prime Minister Albin Kurti up to this point.

The relations between Kosovo* and the United States “are no longer what they were in the past,” explained Walker, saying that “there has been a decline in understanding on both sides”.

A decline that Kosovo* cannot afford, “because these reports are extremely significant,” said Walker in his exclusive statement for the Albanian Post.

“Allow me to explain my disappointment. I was disappointed, for example, that the current government took over a year to travel to Washington in any sort of a visit. I believe that the relations between Washington and Priština are extremely important, but for such a long time, the members of the government went to Berlin, to the European capitals and other countries, but never went to Washington,” he said.

“I tried to send a message (to the Prime Minister of the so-called state of Kosovo*) Albin Kurti, to President [Vjosa] Osmani, that they really should travel to Washington and prove that they understood the significance of the relations with the United States of America.”

Regarding Kurti’s 14-day visit to the United States of America, Walker said, “I was disappointed that they did not reach out to me at all”.

“I did not know that they were coming until after they had left, and I felt that their visits were not too valuable,” Walker further explained.

“These are my personal musings that are not based in any science. I believe that the best term to describe this is — disappointment.”