The presence of 500 times higher doses of uranium than usual in the human body was discovered in the tissues of two Serbs, victims of the NATO bombing of Serbia, showed analysis by a forensic expert and professor at the University in Rome, Rita Celli.

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This is about the result of the analysis of the amount of depleted uranium in two citizens of Serbia – a soldier who stayed in Kosovo and Metohija and a civilian who was near the bombed Ministry of Defense in Belgrade in 1999.

Celli points out that such an amount of uranium has not been found so far in any military or civilian entity in the world.

She specified that all the metals found contained uranium 238, which originates from the missiles used by NATO forces in the bombing of BiH and Serbia, especially in Kosovo and Metohija.

“This effect certainly affected the surrounding countries, such as Albania and North Macedonia”, Celli told the “Večernje Novosti” daily.

She has said that such a quantity of uranium was not recorded anywhere in the world, where there was no war.

Celli has pointed out that the heavy metals from the samples from Serbia are definitely not metals related to industrial production, and that they were compared with samples from all the countries, even Japan and China, where there is a lot of industrial pollution, but that those metals were not found there.

“We can clearly say that these metals are present only in military missiles with depleted uranium. The heavy metals found in the two samples from Serbia do not come from external pollution, but originate from bombed areas and are present only in missiles with depleted uranium”, Celli said.