The Serbian Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik stated this weekend in Sarajevo that the position of the Republic of Srpska remains unchanged and it would not be accepting imposed solutions, while the Bosniak politicians benefit when pressure is being put on Srpska, and now they do not benefit from Christian Schmidt saying that he wants to impose solutions, and they are threatening to take to the streets.

“That is their business. We are not naive, that does not apply to us. Time will show that we do not accept any of his decisions,” said Dodik.

“In Sarajevo, when something happens that the global carriers of the Muslim political interest have no benefit from, they turn to attacks and threats,” said Dodik, commenting on the dissatisfaction of the Bosniak politicians with the announcement that Schmidt would impose the changes to the Electoral Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I spoke today with a Member of the German Bundestag (Peter Bayer), who is an attorney. I asked him why he had not mentioned the rule of the law once in the meeting, to which he had no answer. He claims that Schmidt is a good man. But, that is not enough. In order to be the High Representative, you must be appointed by the relevant resolution, according to the Annex 10 to the Dayton Agreement,” Dodik clarified.

He said that Schmidt was attempting to impose something by using the political powers of the countries that stand behind him.

“A few days ago, Germany passed a Resolution on the Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They proposed things that are anti-Dayton and unconstitutional in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are interfering with the internal matters of Bosnia and Herzegovina in an unnecessary way, saying that Bosnia and Herzegovina should give up on its people. (Benjámin) Kállay used to say the same thing a hundred years ago. It did not go over well then, and it will not now,” stressed Dodik.

He pointed out the absurdity of Germany making such decisions, while Schmidt at the same time imposes a solution that is completely in opposition of that Resolution.

“The Bundestag resolution was celebrated in Sarajevo, and it is a reflection of the position of the Muslim politicians. It is unbelievable that the Bundestag should be taken advantage of like that. But, what is wrong now? What seems to be the problem now?,” asked Dodik.

He said that the Bosniaks, who claim to love Bosnia and Herzegovina, must compromise with Croatians and Serbs.