Only a lawsuit by Serbia or Croatia filed against BiH with the International Court of Justice for violating the Vienna Convention on the Law on Treaties and unilaterally changing the Dayton Peace Accords by abusing Annexes 4 and 10 can put a stop to the willfulness and conspiracy of silence about the way BiH is governed, said security expert DŽevad Galijašević.

“The High Representative would return to the framework of Annex 10 and the role of an ‘interpreter of the agreement,’ not a legislator, and the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina should `interpret the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina’ and not create new norms and change the Dayton Agreement. Otherwise, this will continue, causing constant inter-ethnic conflicts and provoking a new war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Finally, will someone read Annex 10 and file a lawsuit?”, asked Galijašević.

He feels that BiH, as a country on the European path, and a member of the UN, is a mirror image of the international protectorate, which is maintained by the West in the interest of one nation of the Islamic faith.

“Sarajevo is applauding to all that, decisions are being condemned by Banjaluka, while in Mostar they are wisely silent. The Constitutional Court of BiH is the only court on the planet that works without laws, according to its Rules and Rules of Procedure, just like the function of the High Representative in BiH is absolutely unique in the world”, Galijašević told Srna.

He feels that the Dayton Agreement was written to be implemented by Serbs and Croats, and changed and denied by the Americans, British, Germans, and “Muslim brothers” from political Sarajevo.