Bosnian Ambassador in Washington, Bojan Vujić, said that the visit of the President of Republika Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, to the USA confirmed my the time had passed when the Bosnian Muslims perspective of political events in Bosnia and Herzegovina was the only one welcomed in Washington, and that moves had been made to have the position of Republika Srpska heard more clearly and loudly in the USA, which was a tremendous contribution of the President of Srpska.

“During her stay in the USA, President Cvijanović had the opportunity to meet with important officials and figures from the sphere of American politics and business, and to present them the views of Republika Srpska on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Vujić stressed.

Reminding that this is the second visit of the President of Republika Srpska to the USA in the last year, the BiH ambassador in Washington told SRNA that the reason for her more intensive foreign policy activities lies in the need to inform holders of political office in America about the real situation in Bosnia and the abuses and anti-Dayton activities of the Bosnian Muslim political elites.

“In both of these visits, we witnessed that President Cvijanović was received at a high level in Washington, which tells us that, as the President of the Republic, she is welcome to present different views, contrary to the Bosnian Muslim propaganda that is spread both by the representatives of political Sarajevo and by individuals from different Bosnian Muslim nationalist circles in the USA”, emphasized Vujić.

In the end, Vujić stated, had her two official visits to Washington in the last year not been successful and useful for Republika Srpska, the representatives of radical Bosnian Muslim associations in the USA would not have been so disappointed appearing as often in the media and addressing the American institutions, who, in the end, after all, turned a deaf ear to Bosniak remarks and proposals.

“All the clamor of Bosnian Muslim associations throughout the USA and their unsuccessful attempt to lobby the USA to impose sanctions on President Cvijanović speaks in favor of the fact that both of her visits to the USA were more than successful and very significant,”