Head of the SNSD Caucus in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, Snježana Novaković Bursać, expressed her support for Dušan Šehovac and condemned the attack on him and his house in Ilidža, the Federation of BiH.

 “Šehovac is a well-known activist fighting for the remaining Serbs in Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Canton, as well as for the truth,” Bursać said, adding that Šehovac has recently been a SNSD candidate for the Sarajevo Canton Assembly.

She points out that she considers the attack as a “message” from this area, which obviously has a hard time tolerating different opinions.

Bursaćeva thanked Šehovac for everything he did to promote the truth about the suffering of Sarajevo’s Serbs, supporting his further life and work.

The attack on Dušan Šehovac’s house in Ilidža took place on the night between Thursday and Friday, July 21 and 22.