Republika Srpska National Assembly Deputy Spaaker, Denis Šulić, has assessed that Srpska was and will remain principled when it comes to the illegally elected Christian Schmidt, who has no legitimacy to impose anything on anyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“For us in Srpska, Schmidt remains an illegal high representative who falsely presents himself in Bosnia and Herzegovina, harming the reputation of Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Šulić told the press in Banjaluka.

In connection with the protests outside the OHR building in Sarajevo due to announcements that Schmidt will impose amendments to the Electoral Law, Šulić says that political Sarajevo hypocritically believes that Schmidt has the legitimacy to impose only what is in their favour.

He said that Srpska’s position is that the OHR should be closed in BiH as it failed to bring coexistence and reconciliation among the peoples, degrading the already poorly established ties between peoples and deepening the gap between policies in BiH with its unprofessional work.

Šulić says that Schmidt’s decisions are not binding for Srpska and are not published in the “Official Gazette”, adding that it is up to the elected representatives of the Republic to deal with the retrograde policy of part of the international community in BiH, primarily OHR.

He reiterated that the recent reckless and warmongering statements by SDA leader Bakir Izetbegović and representatives of political Sarajevo do not contribute to coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but to hatred.

“It is the aggression of those who allegedly swear in BiH. I will repeat, no normal person in BiH is ready for war,” emphasized Šulić and added that Srpska’s policy is peace and dialogue in BiH for the benefit of all residents.