The Prime Minister of Republika Srpska, Radovan Višković, has sent a congratulatory message today on the occasion of the Day of the Uprising against Fascism, July 27, with the assessment that the oppressed Serb people, oppressed by horrific Ustasha crimes, were the dominant bearer and generator of the anti-fascist struggle in the area of ​​today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Višković reminded that on this day, 81 years ago, while almost all of Europe was being trampled by the fascist boot, the best offspring of the Serb people in the heroic Drvar revolted against the brutal occupier, standing as one in the front against the fascist plague.

“The oppressed Serb people, oppressed by the horrific Ustasha crimes, were the dominant bearer and generator of the anti-fascist struggle in today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we, their descendants, as well as our descendants, remain binding to carefully preserve and inherit the memories of those days of great sadness, sacrifice and pride”, emphasized Višković in congratulating the participants of the National Liberation Struggle, their descendants and all citizens of Republika Srpska.

Unfortunately, he added, the spirits of fascism still roamed these areas to this day and age, in some other shapes and forms, trying to equate the victim and the butcher, the children who died in the abyss with those who, in their insanity and inhumanity, threw them into them, Government Office for Public Relations announced.

“In the name of our ancestors, let us never allow the passage of time to cover the memory of the glorious, historical achievement of our ancestors, who in extremely difficult circumstances found the strength to resist and take destiny into their own hands, making a huge sacrifice until the final liberation. Glory to them, and let’s never forget them!”, pointed out Višković.

Serb insurgents in the World War II conquered Drvar and Grahovo in the fight they led against the Ustasha and the German occupiers. During the existence of the SFR Yugoslavia, the attack on Drvar was celebrated as the day of the uprising of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.