Political analyst Stevica Deđanski believes that Christian Schmidt will continue to act as a colonial administrator in BiH and that he will make decisions that are implemented, regardless of the fact that he is an illegally elected high representative.

Commenting on Schmidt’s decision to impose amendments to the BiH Electoral Law, but to digress from the announced intention to impose changes to the FBiH Constitution, Deđanski assesses for SRNA that this is only a beginning and that Schmidt will try to carry out what he has in mind to the very end.

“However, Schmidt is now trying to nullify the resistance of political Sarajevo, and we will see very soon whether he will succeed in changing the FBiH Constitution and election rules,” said Deđanski.

In his opinion, Schmidt’s announcements about a tenfold increase in fines for violations of the Election Law and the ban on warmongering rhetoric in the election process can become credible if he begins to apply them in principle.

“If that is the case, then the first thing they should do is arrest the leader of the USA, Bakir Izetbegović, and the clique around him, because they lead warmongering politics. They offer nothing in the election campaigns, except hatred towards the Serbs and, in a way, towards the Croats, who also elect their own representatives in BiH authorities,” Deđanski pointed out.

He explained that Schmidt would have to sanction political Sarajevo, that is, the Muslim part around Bakir Izetbegović, if he did not want to allow them to continue working against the interests of Croats.

“If he does that, it’s one of the good things. But let’s see what happens. I think he’s waiting for permission to do that from those who appointed him,” Deđanski underlines.