Head of the Representation of Republika Srpska in the USA, Obrad Kesić, assessed that the recent visit of the President of Republika Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, to America had multiple significance, primarily when it came to informing certain figures of the American administration about the views of Srpska.

“It was heard that Republika Srpska is not in favor of breaking up Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), but also that it cannot accept further centralization and that competences are transferred to the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to build something that is not in compliance with the Dayton Accords,” Kesić told Srna.

He emphasized that it was very important to hear such positions, especially considering that the American Congress is often under intense pressure and aggressive performances by lobbyists representing Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) or Bosniak political parties from Sarajevo.

“We have entered a new phase of the long-standing crisis in BiH, so her visit came at the right moment because they had already prepared some moves and answers regarding the Election Law. It was important to hear that Republika Srpska has a position on those changes and that it does not accept that this can be solved by imposing new rules just before the elections when they have already been announced. This is something that violates not only the law and the Constitution of BiH, but also normal democratic practice,” Kesić stressed.

He added that the President of the Republic also had contacts with representatives of certain American companies, one of which sees Srpska as a good place for investment.

“For a long time, we have been negotiating with one of the largest companies from America, which is seriously considering opening a factory in this area. Republika Srpska was shortlisted in four possible locations, and we are doing everything we can to show that Srpska has some advantages compared to other potential locations”, Kesić underlined.