The President of Croatia Zoran Milanović harshly criticized the Croatian government today because, as he said, it has not been responding to the threatening statements made by Bakir Izetbegović, the president of the leading Muslim party, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA).

Milanović stated that “the threats from Bosnia and Herzegovina, hate speech and intolerance rolling down the streets of Sarajevo are falling on the Croatian government’s deaf, unmoved ears,” reported Hina.

As a reminder, at a party assembly in Hadžići in Bosnia and Herzegovina, speaking about the “military force of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a worst case scenario”, Izetbegović said: “We have done a head count — we know how many hunters we have, and how many young people, and how many drone instructors, and so forth. I will not go any further, but just so you know”.

Touching upon Christian Schmidt’s decision about the technical amendments to the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milanović said that Schmidt was not using his authority to impose an election law that would guarantee the rights of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and added that he was illegally appointed.

The Croatian President reminded that he had been insisting for months on making changes to the current Election Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina, given that, in his assessment, that legal document was inflicting harm on Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.