Just like in previous years, on the even of the distribution of funds from various foundations and ministries to non-governmental organizations and individuals, the regular campaign is being launched about the enormous sum of money that is allegedly being allocated to the Serbian National Council, which the Serbian organizations are receiving as aid from the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Doing this is a clumsy attempt to disguise the shameful discrimination of Serbian organizations and individuals who have for years been almost completely deprived of the funds that belong to them according to the Constitution of Montenegro (in the Chapter “Identity Protection”) and positive legislation.

It is also true that the Government of Serbia purchased and furnished the Serbian House in Podgorica, given that Serbian organizations, regardless of their numbers, are still unable to find a space in Montenegro from where to work.

The Serbian National Council, as the organization that most frequently gets name-dropped in the context of the allegedly privileged allocation of funds, receives the exact same amount out of the Budget of Montenegro as the other Councils, which represent national communities up to thirty times smaller, and it has not had access to any Montenegrin funds for a lot of years.

The Montenegrin critics and busybodies do not concern themselves with the whereabouts of the tens of millions of euros that are allocated each year to non-governmental organizations and individuals by the Fund for the Protection and Realization of Minority rights, government ministries, local administrations, various state-owned companies and others, that distribute funds exclusively to non-Serbian organizations without any criteria. It begs the question where do these enormous funds, that Serbs are excluded from, end up? Which organizations, which founders of those organizations receive them, and for which projects?

The Serbian national council is the founder of Serbian media outlets Serbian Radio and Serbian Television, the magazine Serbian Newspaper and the portal Serbian Newspaper, which have been operational 24/7 for more than thirteen years now. The Serbian National Council celebrates all religious, national and cultural holidays during the calendar year, and organizes a host of various other activities. Keeping that in mind, it would be good to go public with the data about how much the institutions of Montenegro have helped these projects of significance to the Serbian people in the last five years. It would also be desirable if, for the sake of the public, it was published which projects funded by the Montenegrin foundations the Serbian National Council has not justified.

Unfortunately, the Serbian organizations have no protection from their alleged political representatives, given that they are apparently unmoved by this issue. the important thing is that they do participate in the empty talk and false compromises, always to the detriment of the Serbian people, without ever losing hope that they will eventually, at some point, be rewarded by somebody for their efforts.