After the President of Serbia’s emergency address today, the Serbs in Kosovo still have not received a definite answer from Belgrade as to whether they should start turning in their Kosovo and Metohija licence plates tomorrow and registering their vehicles to the Republic of Kosovo, as the Kosovo government has decided, giving them a two-month deadline, clear instructions as to how make the switch, and relieving them of customs taxes, as the Prime Minister of Kosovo personally confirmed.

Presented with the only specific question relating to the decisions of the Kosovo government, by a journalist from NewsMaxAdria, what is the recommendation should there be trouble today at midnight, and what should people do about their personal identification documents and licence plates, how should they act, and what was his suggestion, as well as whether it was being considered that the Serbian List leave the government of Kosovo, how would Albin Kurti react to that, and whether it was discussed with the representatives of the Serbian List, President Vučić answered at today’s press conference:

“I am sorry to see that in such a critical moment for our country, you are thinking about how to inflict an internal political strike either against myself or the political party. Or those who ask such questions are, to avoid putting it on yourself or your medium. Unfortunately, those who ask such questions are typically on the lookout for the best way to strike against their own country, harm their own people, their country, and least of all myself.”

Given that he is “spooked” by the “reaction” of the Serbs from Kosovo, Vučić was attempting to speak with international representatives, some of whom, he said, got in touch with him, and he thanked them for it. He was trying “to do something somewhere, Brussels is fine,” “just to keep people calm”.

“And if they choose to protest, just keep it calm, do not give the Albanians cause to start shooting at people, like last time, unprovoked,” said Vučić.

“Serbia will not put up with more oppression,” he said several times, without saying what he would do, except that he would “preserve peace, even when it comes to defending the Constitution of Serbia, according to which Kosovo and Metohija is a part of Serbia, while in Kosovo the Albanians refer to their own Constitution and abolish everything that is a part of Serbia.

“The other thing is that the Albanians want to take advantage of that and say, well, that is reciprocity, we are within our rights according to the Constitution of Kosovo. Well, according to the Constitution, Kosovo is a part of Serbia, and yet, we are not going out each day to take it back with weapons or anything to bring it back under the constitutional control of Serbia, while we are talking about the Constitution — the ultimate legal act, because we are acting responsibly, because we do not want conflict, we do not want conflict and war, that is the stupidest excuse that you have ever heard from a politician.