In the village of Čelebić near Livno, a liturgy was held today in memory of 405 Serbs from this and surrounding villages who were killed by the Ustashas in the summer of 1941, Predrag Crepulja, parish priest from Livno, told SRNA.

More than 300 women and children killed in the Čelebić school were buried at the Barjak memorial cemetery, while the bodies of the men were thrown into the Bikuša pit above the village.

In the days surrounding Fiery Maria in 1941, the Ustashas killed around 1,600 Serbs in the Livno region.

In May, the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church made a decision to include priests Ilija Budimir, Kosta Stanišić and Risto Ćatić, together with all the new martyrs of Livno, in the synod of saints.