Anti-terrorism expert Dževad Galijašević has told SRNA that the killing of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is a global first order security event that causes concern because it can lead to terrorist actions in the world, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), where their network is the strongest, but he has also indicated that a shake in this network can also cause shocks in the Intelligence and Security Agency (OBA).

He emphasized that al-Qaeda, as an international terrorist organization, developed in BiH during the war and that it had several military formations there, the most famous of which was “El Mujahideen”.

“It was (Osama) bin Laden and Zawahiri who were the creators of cooperation with Western intelligence services and the creation of a large terrorist group in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in that respect Bosnia and Herzegovina was very interesting,” said Galijašević.

He mentioned that Zawahiri and his brother Muhammad often came to Travnik and Zenica, and that there was verified information that during the war they had contacts with the police structures in Zenica, and even with the current Bosniak member of the BiH Presidency, Šefik Džaferović, as the former head of the Security Service Center in Zenica.

According to him, the representatives of the “Muslim Brothers” and Afghan veterans, that is, the Wahhabis and the “Muslim Brothers” built that terrorist, mujahideen system in BiH, to commit war crimes.

He assessed that the shaking of this network was also the shaking of the al-Qaeda network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but that it would cause upset in OBA, as well.

One of Zawahiri’s men in BiH, he added, is Eslam Durmo.

“He is one of the leading men of the “Muslim Brothers” in this part of Europe and one of the first men of Zawahiri in this area. The so-called Abu Abdurrahman was the main security person of the “El Mujahedin” formation and represented the Syrian Muslim Brothers in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said the expert for the fight against terrorism.

Galijašević pointed out that Zawahiri’s man was Nusret Imamović and that his testimony was still on the official website of the Wahhabis from Maoča – “The Way of the Faithful”, in which he stated “Our leader is Zawahiri”.

According to him, Imamović was one of Zawahiri’s commanders.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is not looking for him more seriously, when you are looking for someone with a “blue warrant” without a published photo, then you are not really looking. This country gave him two passports and two serial, almost identical, numbers,” Galijašević stated