Richard Grenell has spoken on the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, which is getting more precarious by the minute.

The former United States Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations has been carefully monitoring the situation in Kosovo.

“Yet again, the far-left, radical and experienced fascist Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti has made a unilateral move to reject Serbian licence plates and personal identification documents in Kosovo. Stupid. Reckless and unnecessary,” Grenell commented on his Twitter account.

He also advised Serbian leaders against taking the bait.

“Why are [United States National Security Advisor] Jake Sullivan and [United States Secretary of State] Anthony Blinken not telling him to stop with the fascist methods?,” Grenell said on Twitter.

He stressed that “what is happening in the Balkans is not Russia”. “Whoever says it is is only trying to manipulate. This is about Kurti, who wants yet another clash with Serbia. He lives in the past. The people of Kosovo want peace and jobs, Albin. Stop picking a fight,” he pointed out.

Grenell emphasized that the Serbian leaders cannot take the bait.

“Instead, they must focus on economic growth, rather than take this bait,” Grenell advised.

He reminded that the former President Donald Trump made four agreements on economic normalization between Priština and Belgrade. “We have been helping to get the economy on its feet and move forward. We even negotiated a one-year moratorium on campaigns to gain or withdraw recognition. Biden has been ignoring the Balkans,” said Grenell.

The former United States Envoy said that this is yet another disaster of Blinken’s making and that the Albanians are aware that Kurti is a problem.

“I have spoken with a friend from Kosovo. According to him: ‘Things have never been like this in the last 15 years.’ I have many friends in Kosovo who are very angry with Kurti. There was a lot more progress in Kosovo with Hashim Thaçi. Those people over there deserve a leader who would rather create new jobs instead of conflicts. Kosovo deserves better,” wrote Grenell.

As a reminder, after the situation escalated, the government of the so-called Kosovo has decided to postpone by one month the implementation of the decisions about the reciprocity of personal identification documents with Serbia and about the licence plates.

The government of the so-called Kosovo has issued an official statement on the occasion.

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