Academic Vasilije Krestić assessed that Croatia, when it came to persecution and crimes against Serbs in Croatia during the 20th century, was trying to erase the genocide at any cost, or at least reduce the number of victims.

He stated that the Croatian actions “Storm” and “Flash”, in which Serbs were killed and expelled from Croatia, widened the rift between Serbia and Croatia and further disturbed relations, because genocide is interpreted in different ways.

Historian Krestić for “Večernje Novosti” assesses that Croats have constant elaborate and infamous propaganda and are not ashamed to belittle those events and to try to show that they did not commit the genocide.

He assesses that Serbian history has been polished and covered up for years, and that the crimes against Serbs have been overlooked for the sake of brotherhood and unity and a joint state.

“The Croats have always known how to use and abuse it well, to make it so that they are not to blame for Jasenovac either. And we reduce the number of victims for their love, for the sake of the good between the two peoples,” Serbian academic points out.

Krestić states that the Croats are not ashamed of anything, that they prove with their current behavior, because the Croatian bishops say that the camps for children in the Independent State of Croatia were shelters, although it is known exactly how many Serbian children suffered from the Ustasha dagger.