The Croatian operation Storm is a pogrom, crime, genocide, ethnic cleansing, but the Serbs have not disappeared, Milorad Dodik, Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency, said tonight.

“Croats were killing us, both in the Second World War and in the recent one. We were killed, we disappeared, that was Franjo Tuđman’s policy,” Dodik said in Novi Sad, at the marking of 27 years since the criminal operation Storm conducted by the Croatian army and police, which expelled 250,000 and killed more than 1,880 Serbs.

He pointed out that Serbs have disappeared from Krajina, carrying their homeland in their hearts, living it in Serbia today.

“There is no paradise without a homeland, that’s how true the song is,” said Dodik.

Dodik noted that the state of Croatia has never returned the property it was supposed to return to the Serbs who used to live there, which the EU did not ask it to do so either.

Dodik pointed out that today, Serbia is our pledge of freedom, and he recalled President Aleksandar Vučić’s words that Serbia will not allow a new pogrom, and noted that they have started to take it seriously.

“We must not allow them to manage us, we must gather together,” Dodik pointed out and added that the gathering should be around the state leadership of Serbia and Srpska.

In his addess, Dodik emphasized that Serbs did not organize prison camps anywhere in the former Yugoslavia.

“We want to live peacefully,” Dodik emphasized and added that he did not hate anyone, but was elected on behalf of the people to defend Serb identity and strength regardless of sanctions.