Telekom Srbija CEO Vladimir Lucic said on Thursday he was extremely pleased with the company’s business performance in the first half of this year and noted that its revenues and profits continued to grow.

Speaking to Bloomberg Adria TV, Lucic said revenues from television and internet subscription services were up by 64 pct and by 34 pct, respectively, compared to the same period of last year.

He said the growth was due to an increase in the number of subscribers, as well as to an integration of smaller cable operators under the Telekom Srbija umbrella.

Lucic also said the company’s mobile telephony operations were seeing a 10 pct revenue growth.

“All this has helped overall revenue growth at Telekom Srbija to rise by over 17 pct this year relative to last year. It is now clear that we will accomplish our goal of Telekom Srbija annual revenues exceeding 1 bln euros in the Serbian market and 500 mln euros outside of Serbia for the first time ever,” Lucic said.

He added that Telekom Srbija’s EBITDA was up by over 30 pct, indicating that revenues were growing faster than expenditures.