Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić has said this evening that Serbia and the Serb people will never forget the Croatian operation Storm and the suffering of those exiled from Krajina, nor will they allow anyone to kill and expel Serbs again.

“Operations such as ‘Storm’ will never happen again and we will not let anyone destroy Serbia and the Serbs. We have no intent of leaving our people tied up anywhere exposed to someone’s violence,” Vučić said at the main event of the Day of Remembrance for those killed and exiled in operation Storm, held at Freedom Square in Novi Sad.

He has stated that many thought that now is the moment for a general attack on Serbia and the Serb people and that, by abusing the situation in Ukraine, with support from the world, they could start destroying the Serbs.

“Maybe they found that moment and thought it was time to do what Franjo Tuđman and Mile Budak promised, but they were wrong in one thing, because this is not a defeated Serbia and a country that will be afraid of those who threaten to stand tall before them,” said Vučić.

He emphasized that the Serbs as a nation overtook Jasenovac and “Storm” and stood up, which, he says, is evidenced by the large number of people who gathered in Novi Sad in honor of Operation Storm martyrs in order to show that they will never forget.