A memorial service was held today at the memorial to the murdered Serbs in the village of Ježeštica near Bratunac, for 38 locals, eight of whom were killed on this day 30 years ago in an attack by Muslim extremists from Srebrenica and Potočari, who beheaded Anđelko Mladenović before his mother.

Among the eight killed were two women, and one of them was Savka Mlađenović, whose two sons were also killed by criminals.

“Dragan Mlađenović’s head was chopped off with an ax, Anđelko was beheaded while his mother was watching it, and his head was taken to Naser Orić in Srebrenica as a trophy. Anđelko’s head was used as a ball on the Srebrenica football pitch, which was later witnessed by Muslims from Srebrenica,” Radojka Filipović, the head of the Organisation of Families of Captured and Killed soldiersSand Missing Civilians, Bratunac, told SRNA.

The youngest victim was 18, and the oldest 80. All Serb-owned houses were looted, and many were burned to the ground.

The names of 161 Serbs killed in the Second World War are also carved on the memorial in Ježeštica.

“No one was held accountable for those crimes, which is why it’s not surprising the crimes repeated. The descendants of those who killed in the Second World War came to Ježeštica again and committed the crime in the same way,” said Filipović.

She mentioned that the case about the crime committed on August 8, 1992 was in the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and that the deadline for its prosecution, according to the Strategy for working on war crimes cases in BiH, was in 2015 because it was assessed as one of the most complex cases.

However, Filipović says they are informed the case is currently in the Bijeljina District Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“Families seem to be waiting for justice in vain. They are waiting for criminals and witnesses to biologically disappear and for judicial statistics to show that the Ježeštica crime did not even happen,” says Filipović.

According to her, only Bosniaks receive justice thanks to this kind of local, as well as international justice system.