NATO member states and the USA have caused a lot of harm to the Serb people, therefore nothing good can be expected from them in the future, is the opinion of historian, Miloš Ković.

“Let’s remember the ethnic cleansing of Krajina, Sarajevo, Kosovo and Metohija. Let’s remember the assimilation project of Serbs in Montenegro and Macedonia. I’m afraid that we can’t expect anything good from NATO and the USA in the coming period either, because people in power in Washington built their careers in the wars against the Serb people,” Ković told today’s “Glas Srpske”.

He pointed out that of the three existing superpowers, the USA, Russia and China, two are on the side of the Serbs in key issues.

“We should not expect Russia and China to make the Serb people be their number one national interest. But Russia and China are great powers which, if we are smart enough, we can expect support from in crisis and other important situations for us,” Ković emphasized.

He states the assimilation of Republika Srpska into the unitary state of Bosnia and Herzegovina must not be allowed.

Ković pointed out that Serbian history is marked by interruptions, explaining that he was referring to the collapse of medieval Serb states, migrations, unification and Islamization, genocide.

“Serbs did not have their own state for many centuries, but they preserved themselves as a nation, primarily thanks to their church,” Ković pointed out.

According to him, the restoration of Ustashism in Croatia and Nazism in Ukraine shows that what happened in the Second World War was not understood, and that Nazism was preserved thanks to the Western powers and the Vatican’s “rat channels” to save the Ustasha and Nazis.

He stated that the Serbs who were the bearers of the fascist resistance were “rewarded” by being divided, and even that was not enough for Tito, so he drew new borders within Serbia.

“If Croatia and Ukraine as well, which during the World War II gave an entire SS division, had been punished on time, this would not have happened today,” says Ković.